17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th and 25th March 2018

Introduction to Ceramics

5 days that will happen over two weekends. You will have the opportunity to experiment and get to know in a concise way, the whole cycle of ceramics; from preparing the clay to the different techniques of working with it and the firing of the final pieces.


17th – 18th + 23rd - 25th March 2018;
10am - 1pm ; 3pm - 6pm;

Price: 315 € (March 17th-18th: 126€ and March 23rd-25th: 189€) - basic materials and shared accommodation included;

Meals are excluded. You can either bring your own or enjoy a light meal at cafe da Videira;
For all those interested of all ages, with or without experience in working with clay;
6 - 12  people.


Renato Costa e Silva

Ceramicist and Sculptor

Renato Costa e Silva, ceramicist and sculptor, with 40 years of professional activity has a vast curriculum not only in the area of ceramics but also of large public sculpture in various materials.

Born in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, where he lives and works, he has carried out an intensive study of clay and ceramic materials and has a long experience in the preparation of ceramic pastes and glazes. Over the years he has conducted hundreds of woodfirings.


Kerstin Thomas


Has a Fine Arts degree and studied wood carving and sculpture in her home country, Germany. Once in Portugal, she studied Portuguese Language and Culture at the Language Faculty of the University of Coimbra were she also studied social sciences. With a preference for noble woods, her work is inspired by rural life and the expressiveness of the human face. Co-founder of the Cerdeira Village project, she divides her time between her art practice and her work as coordinator of the village's Artistic Residencies Program. She has been living in Cerdeira since 1988.



What you can learn at this workshop

  • Identify different clays and their caracteristics and functions;
  • Building techniques: pinching, shaping, turning, coil and slab construction;
  • Ceramic decoration techniques;
  • Concerns about the drying process;
  • Building and operating small rudimentary kilns (paper and pipe kiln and small gas fired kilns);
  • Preparing work to fire;
  • Decoration with slips and glazes.


A course that allows participants to autonomously explore and seek knowledge within this vast and interesting subject. It offers an all embracing view of all the processes.

Five days of intense work, conversation and silence at our studios. A small thematic library will be available for inspiration and for further knowledge about what has been taught.

17th and 18th of March
Introduction to ceramics (2 days)

To know how to choose the right clay for the work and each technique is fundamental for a successful outcome. We shall make our work by pinching and giving form to the clay, by building or throwing. We will learn the advantages of each technique and leverage this newly acquired knowledge.

Each piece that comes out of this course will be fired during the next weekend when we will learn to build and operate rudimentary kilns.

23th to the 25th of March of 2018
Construction and operation of rudimentary kilns (3 days)

During these three days we will build small kilns that work with gas or firewood and we will fire our work with care. Before we fire anything in our little kilns we will have the opportunity to use some decoration techniques to decide the most desired effects to apply to our work. We will acquire some knowledge about the working of the kilns so that we can go ahead with the firing within safety.

At the end of the third day we can open the kilns and draw conclusions about the firing process and then, of course, take our work home.



  • If you decide to stay in one of our houses you will enjoy a 10% discount.

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up 3 months before

  • Group meals can also be ordered.