3 Weekends
17th-18th March, 21st-22nd April, 26th-27th May, 2018

Foundation Drawing

3 weekends of drawing in a class of beginner enthusiasts! Each class will be different, and will cover different techniques and themes. The fundamental aim will always be to practice observation drawing.


3 Months
17th-18th March, 21st-22nd April, 26th-27th May, 2018;
9:30am -12:30pm ; 2pm - 5pm;
Price: 378 € - basic materials and shared accommodation included;

Meals are excluded. You can either bring your own or enjoy a light meal at cafe da Videira;
For beginners with or without experience;
7 – 12 people.

Bodil Eide and Paulo Borges

Teaching Artists


Bodil and Paulo have been teaching art together since 2007. They are part of an international community of artists who study with the South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (rosenclaire) in Florence, Italy. Bodil received her teacher's training for foundation and advanced courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and contemporary art practice from them.

Between them they have more than 15 years of experience in teaching structured courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and creativity, to an audience of foundation students, visual artists, art teachers, as well as children and youngsters. 

Since 2017 they lecture the Teaching the Arts for the team of artists connected to the Cerdeira Arts & Crafts School.


  • make quick sketches and in-depth studies;
  • draw objects with correct proportions;
  • draw still-lives with chiaroscuro;
  • draw with charcoal and pencil, and indian ink;
  • use different line qualities;
  • understand the principles of single point perspective;
  • recognise relevant artists within the field of drawing.

What you can learn at this workshop



With time and practice you will gain ease and fluency in drawing, and you will be able to take your sketchbook with you wherever you go. Drawing portraits of your family and friends, landscapes, objects, everything will become a subject to draw!

The teachers have acquired knowledge and experience in accompanying beginner students and offering structured classes; Each exercise starts with a live demonstration, and all aspects are explained very carefully. Each student will be monitored in their progress. These classes promote a quick progression, whatever the level the participants are at. What counts is the interest and the commitment, not talent or prior knowledge.

The environment is friendly, and we always promote a collective reflection on the work done. Group reflection allows each one to learn from each other, and dialogue is always focused on the positive, on learning, and on what each one gains and newly understands.

In class we will learn how to use our eyes to obtain a natural and effortless representation of volumes, light and shadow, lines and textures. In technical terms we will focus on how to draw with charcoal and pencil, and do some experiences with indian ink. We will always refer to examples of drawings in art history.



  • If you decide to stay in one of our houses you will enjoy a 10% discount.

  • 10% early bird discount if you sign up 3 months before.

  • Group meals can also be ordered.