"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

John Dewey


This is a special place, so we are told. Everyone who comes here finds the world waiting; The nature, the stone houses, and the artists that make this space a living school. What creates the space that learning needs is the direct contact with materials, and the support of the teachers with the knowledge of the techniques.

Our courses are organised in four big areas:




Visual Arts

Other Techniques


We have many short introductory courses where you can come for the day, or stay the weekend, and try out something you’ve perhaps never done before. 

We also have longer courses (5-10 days) that allows for more techincal advances and creative work. You will come out on the other side somewhat transformed!

If you are a professional artist, our classes give you a rich environment dedicated to real skills, rooted in tradition, offering a space for your creativity to grow.


Early Bird

10% discount for all courses on signups
done until 90 days before.


The School

Cerdeira Arts and Crafts School has as its core mission to be a space for teaching traditional techniques that come out of intemporal lineages, and at the same time a space for creativity and art making aligned with contemporary dialogue. 


The group of experienced teachers share a culture of art pedagogy based on values of respect for the voice and sensibility of each individual as well as the lineage and tradition of their artistic area. We offer structured courses based on a deep understanding of the principles involved in the aesthetic, creative and manual learning processes. The courses always include live practical demonstrations, visual displays and lectures, as well as the time spent practicing together, with moments of reflection and exchange. 

Cerdeira is a village, a community, a space for work and creativity, with it's houses, equipped art studios, the smokeless kiln, and the many outdoor terraces. The densely forest clad valley, the living, ever shifting and changing natural site in which the village is set, offers mind and body an atmosphere for being, for contemplation and silence. 


Our goals have for decades been to bring an ancient village back to life, in line with it's roots and traditions, and to create the right conditions for it to become a place of artistic creation, learning and fruitful cultural exchanges. Everything you find here is the fruit of a long term commitment to these values.
Social Responsibility and Sustainability are fundamental concepts for us, and were applied in the every step of the reconstruction of the schist houses, with regional techniques, a local workforce and the introduction of ecological materials. We keep this mentality also in the choices of our day-to-day work.


Staying at the village

A number of carefully renovated houses are available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Shared accommodation is also available in our artists residency. Follow the link below to learn more.