Art & Craft Week: 27th to the 31st of March 2018

Five days, five different experiences. Cerdeira's team of artist-teachers offers workshops giving form to another week of intensive learning. Spinning, dyeing, weaving, ink and wash and Raku.



Price: 50€ per day (you can participate in one or several);
Materials included;
No prior experience is required;
Age: over 14;
Subscriptions are limited to the number of places available.

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Spin spin spin: Wool Spinning

27th March/ Tuesday/ 10am - 6pm

An opportunity to do the whole cycle of preparing sheep's wool. We will wash, card and spin and learn to work with spindles and spinning wheel. All this will take place this spring in a very cosey environment in Cerdeira Arts & Crafts School's studios at Cerdeira in Serra da Lousã.

Teacher: Estela Melo

Live and in Colour: Natural dyeing

28th March/ Wednesday/ 10am - 6pm

Many of the plants, berries or lichens that surround us contain a rich and inspiring color palette for textile artwork.

In this introduction to dyeing course, Guida Fonseca helps us discover the potential in using plants and auxiliary products of natural origin, without harmfull effects to the environment.

Identifying dye plants, learning to prepare the materials and experimenting with different dyeing techniques are the goals of this one-day course.

Included are the materials to make a small sample of the various processes and colours atchieved.

Maximum number of participants 10.

Teacher: Guida Fonseca

By a Thread: Introduction to Weaving

29th March/ Thursday/ 10am - 6pm

Weaving is much more than crossing wires on a loom. Yarns can be lines of colour at the service of the imagination and creativity. To weave is to organize the mind, cultivating and uplifting it.

This one-day course serves as an introduction to weaving, approaching how a loom works and the different materials. An initiation that includes experimenting with the loom. This day is a small sample of something that might become a passion.

Maximum number of participants: 10

Teacher: Guida Fonseca

Ink and Wash: Drawing from Nature

30th March/ Friday/ 10am - 6pm

We will draw the things we collect from the forest; plants, branches, pine cones, stones. You will learn to use the Chinese brushes which are very pliable and offer expression and elegance to your drawings even if you're a beginner. As a final project everyone will make large drawings with improvised brushes.

Teachers: Bodil Eide e Paulo Borges

Raku: Decorating and firing Shawan (Japonese Tea Cups)

31 March/ Saturday/ 3pm-6pm - 8pm-Until the end of the firing.

3 cups are included (of different sizes) for each participante.
Additional cups: 10€/ each.

Our starting point for this workshop is a set of tea cups that needs to be decorated and glazed. This will be our assignment for the evening. The raku firing will be done into the night so that we can better appreciate the red hot pieces as they come out of the kiln.

Teachers: Paula Violante and Miguel Neto


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